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Civil Process  

     Our Court Security and Transportation Divisions are not the only ones that felt the impact of the increase in the Court workload.  Our Civil Division continues to provide services of all forms of civil process, not only for those Courts in Hillsborough County and New Hampshire, but also service to Hillsborough County residents from Courts all over the Country.

     Continuing increases in the number of Domestic Violence and other types of emergency restraining orders, including court ordered transfers of physical custody of children, remain a growing part of the focus of the Civil Division.  The emergency nature of these orders places an increased demand on the limited resources of the Civil Division, and the volatile nature of the orders, and the situations surrounding them, increases the risk to the lives and safety of the deputies, the litigants and the general public.

      The Sheriff's Office not only affects these services, but also provides a neutral, professional presence to ensure the safety of all involved, while preserving the rights of all parties involved.

     The Civil Division also handles civil bench warrants issued by the District Courts.  These warrants range from non-payment of civil judgments, to failing to appear for court hearings.

     Each year as I prepare to write this report I stand in awe of the work done by the Civil Division.  In addition to the emergency orders, the Civil Division also services small claims notices, divorce papers, landlord and tenant issues, including restraining orders and evictions.

     In fact, almost all civil proceedings in court, at one time or another will generate some form of notice or order that must be served by the Sheriff's Office.  The Deputies of the Civil Division are responsible for the efficient service of each and every one to these.

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