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     In 2001 the Sheriff's Office's statewide became responsible for the security for prisoners held in the District Courts.  The Sheriff's Office met these new responsibilities, while still retaining responsibility for all aspects of security at the two County Superior Courts.

     In these turbulent times the workload of the courts has increased, and that increase is felt throughout the many divisions of the Sheriff's Office, though none more directly than in the area of Court Security.  At any given time there can be up to 32 courtrooms operating at one time, with twice that many Court Security Officers.  From volatile family disputes, to criminal defendants, to victims and witnesses, our Court Security Officers deal with all types of personalities, from all walks of life, on a daily basis.

     Our Court Security Officers interact with these people, and provide these security functions, in a professional manner, providing a safe, secure environment, and ensuring the efficiency of the judicial process.




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